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  1. Hi Marcos, As requested, I have PM and upload the eset log file according your instructions. Please check and confirm, thanks. Regards, Steven Liew
  2. Hi, @rugk, Yap, I am agreed with you because it seems to be a new problem with v8 (v7 doesn't happened). I also can check the box "do not ask me again" and click "stop blocking" (exclude the IP) for the time being, but not in the long run. I still need to troubleshooting and identify the root cause (whether the problem is really with eset v8 or else). How to troubleshoot is another headache to me, because it happened randomly when accessing network server. @Marcos, You mean this is normal for the server checks remote computers for open ports then it's correctly detected as a port scan attack ? Is this the new feature in v8 and can be ignoring ? Kindly advise and assist, thanks. Regards, Steven Liew
  3. Hi, For your information, IP address is belong to my company server (Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise With SP1). Once my computer connected to this server and do something (search, copy or move files), then message will pop-up and followed by network disconnected (If keep Ignoring) . If I choose More options and information from the pop-up message and following by stop blocking, then the network won't be disconnected. I believed this is something abnormal. Kindly assist and advise, thanks. Regards, Steven Liew
  4. Hi, I have installed ESET Smart Security 8 ("Internet Protection Module" - 1156B) and encountered my network connection keeps disconnected. (happens randomly). Eset will prompt Blocked network threat - UDP Port Scanning attack and followed by network disconnected. This issue doesn't happen with version 7. I am tried temporarily disabled protection and firewall (then restart), but the issue still persist. Kindly advise and assist, thanks. Regards, Steven Liew
  5. Hi, After enable pre-release updates, the new module ("Internet Protection Module" - 1156B) and restart system, then issue has resolved. Thanks. Regards Steven Liew
  6. Hi, Any update or feedback regarding this issue on ESET Smart Security Version 8 ?
  7. Hi Peter, For your information, I have used the .xml files provided by RugK and reproduce the issue. Regards, Steven Liew
  8. Hi, @Peter Randziak I've send the files and information as requested via PM to you. Looking forward for your reply and feedback. @Rugk Thanks for provided the modified XML. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Regards, Steven Liew
  9. OK, then I will keep my fingers crossed and wait for the total solutions. Hopefullly won't have to wait too long to get the new fixes.
  10. For me, disabled protocol filtering doesn't really solved my problem, even it was the root caused. Disabled it only bypass one problem and create another two problems to me (without web access protection & anti-Phishing protection). Anyhow I will uninstall version 8, and reintall version 7 again. Regards, Steven Liew
  11. Hi, After enable pre-release updates, the new module ("Internet Protection Module" - 1150B) doesn't fix the problem. Open the GUI press F5 and uncheck "enable application protocol content filtering" and reboot the system, and then problem solved. But web access protection show Non-functional status and Anti-Phishing protection show disable status as at attachment, and this become my another concern as well. Kindly advise and assist, thanks. Regards Steven Liew
  12. Hi, For your information, I did performed each steps and followed by restart system, but the problem still persist. Let wait for other user to test and proof the issue.
  13. Hi, Please refer my following steps as below : - disable real-time protection (doesn't work, problem persist) - disable protocol filtering in the advanced setup (doesn't work, problem persist) - disable HIPS and restart the computer (doesn't work, problem persist) - exclusions on real time (doesn't work, problem persist) As mentioned, I can't rename C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ehdrv.sys and C:\Windows\System32\drivers\eamonm.sys in safe mode due to company policy and limited user access right. Obviously there are something not right with ESET Smart Security Version 8 compare with Version 7. Meanwhile I have uninstall ESET Smart Security Version 8 and re-install ESET Smart Security Version 7 again. Regards, Steven Liew
  14. Can I compress the memory dumps alongside with ESET SysInspector and send Eset via private message for further investigation ?
  15. Hi, Have you able to identify the problem and what is your workaround ? Uninstall ESET Smart Security Version 8 or downgrade to version 7 ? Regards, Steven Liew
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