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  1. I've seen a couple of posts here with live links to executables. I'm pretty sure one of those posts had unsafe links since the OP was complaining about ESET blocking his site. The other post's link perhaps wasn't unsafe, however I would have preferred that link not be live, just in case. I mean, from an ESET staff member is one thing, but from someone who visits this forum as a guest or a new member, how are we to know that person's true intentions? I know we should all practice safe internet usage and be careful what we click on, but in the interests of safety, perhaps mods could remove
  2. Description: To not have ESET perform an entire scan of one's computer at each startup set as a default action. Detail: I personally don't want that, it really bogs things down, and on one system the scan takes about 1 1/2 hours. It wasn't easy on my Windows 7 system to stop the scan either. It took several times of clicking the 'x' to make the scan stop. I had to consult the help section to find the settings to disable this feature. Scheduling a full scan according to one's choice would be fine. Or maybe a 'quick scan' of the most common problem areas, like Microsoft Security
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