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  1. Hello, our forum provider reported temporary outage within their network provider earlier this morning. We are sorry for the inconvenience. ESET Security Forum
  2. Hello, we already sent a bulk email to all registered forum members. As the email is sent out in cycles of n per minute, it can take a while to process all the mail. ESET Security Forum
  3. Hello, we have been informed by our third-party forum provider that user login details of ESET Security Forum members have been compromised. At this time we have confirmed that login data (user name/email and hashed forum passwords) have been accessed. We have requested details about the incident from our provider and have launched a full-scale investigation with them. ESET Security Forum has around 2,700 registered users and the only information stored are login details: no financial or other sensitive data are affected. ESET-operated infrastructure and ESET software users were not affect
  4. Hi Tomo, this is fixed. It was just a configuration issue. Thanks for letting us know.
  5. Hello, this is because Windows XP does not support Server Name Indication. More details here: hxxp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication#Client_side Unfortunately, there's no easy workaround for this on our side.
  6. Hello, To make your stay on ESET Security Forum safer, we have decided to implement SSL on forum.eset.com. The SSL will be implemented at the end of this week. All http requests to forum.eset.com will be automatically switched to https so there’s no need to change existing links. In the first phase we will implement SSL to the entire website. This will bring two restrictions to the forum functionality: Videos cannot be embedded directly to posts. Images cannot be inserted from an external URL. In the second phase (in the course of the following months), after some testing and enviro
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