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  1. Thank you all for answering. Sorry for my basic English if something was misunderstood. Yeah I was sure that EDR and ESET Dynamic Thread Defense (EDTD for me :P) where different. Glad to know that a Cloud console for EDR (EEI) is work in progress. Is possible to share more details just about ETA and if it will be integrated with ESET Protect or will be an additional console? Thanks,
  2. Hello, Have been using ESET Products for a long time and love them but now it seems that EDR solutions are becoming very popular and it feels like ESET is not giving so much love to it. I like the move from other products to ESET Protect Cloud but EDR is not integrated on there, still needs on-premises console while other manufacturers have all in cloud integrated. Is planned to integrate EDR on ESET Protect Cloud? Or at least a Cloud console? What are future plans for EDR? Another question is that I have been told by an integrator here in Spain, that Dynamic Threat Defense
  3. Updating these days some endpoints, noticed that a lot of computers have a WARNING/ALERT active saying that they need a restart. This alert is called: "Computers needs restart". Checked some random computers and users where shutting down every day computer but the alert/warning was still there. Checking it, uptime was 1-2 weeks too...Why? Fast Boot from Windows 10..... That's a pain in the , you can't disable it through GPO(only via Registry) and users NEVER reboot computer, they only shutdown. How I tried to workaround it? I configured a task to reboot computers Daily at 14h b
  4. Hello, I work for a IT Company that manage multiple ESET Remote Console across many clients and I have a question about how Update Operating System task works and the way that ESET detects Available updates. There are some companies that have good GPO Policies configured from AD and computers, are up-to-date. And there are other companies, that never touched GPO Policies and they don't know anything about updates status on the computers. The big question is, ESET reports that Computer have Available updates to install when.... Windows Update is set to search them automatic
  5. Nice to know. Will be existing clients with ECA migrated automatically to new solution when released? Any ETA?
  6. Description: Patch Management updates ( Microsoft updates && 3rd party vendors) Detail: Would love to see a more detailed module/page on ESMC with more info about installed and pending updates on each device controlled for Microsoft Updates && 3rd Party vendors. Also the feature to control that updates and approve them to install them remotely. I am a MSP and we have many clients that use ESET Endpoint solutions, they are very happy and we push Install Microsoft Updates from ESET (Besides internal GPO) every week to be sure they're applied. But I think we need more co
  7. Hello, We are a MSP and want to test it, will connect to an existing ESMC v7.2 ?
  8. Hello Michalj, Custom Dynamic Groups are not available on ESET Cloud Administrator. Mobile support Maybe this other one is not Cloud Administrator but, what about Patch Management module? Will love to see that implemented on ESMC..... Love to see that 250 users limit will be breaked. Have a client with 600 devices and that will be a good point.
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