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    rubencastello90 received kudos from karlisi in Future changes to ESET Cloud Administrator   
    Updating these days some endpoints,  noticed that a lot of computers have a WARNING/ALERT active saying that they need a restart. This alert is called: "Computers needs restart".
    Checked some random computers and users where shutting down every day computer but the alert/warning was still there.
    Checking it, uptime was 1-2 weeks too...Why? Fast Boot from Windows 10..... That's a pain in the , you can't disable it through GPO(only via Registry) and users NEVER reboot computer, they only shutdown.
    How I tried to workaround it? I configured a task to reboot computers Daily at 14h but then complains start because users are NOT notified.... (same when pushing Windows Updates)
    Description: A new task/setting to reboot computers with a popup message warning,
    Detail: Add the possibility to notify user that computer will be restarted when reboot computer task is triggered and let them for example 5minutes to save/close programs/data.
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