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  1. Its a known bug even if your running only Defender (nothing to do with ESET), its to be patched soon by MS.
  2. Well IMO there should be more updates to this Mobile side same as the main BETA's going on now. I know own this as trial ran out but I am not 100% happy with features that used to work now not working. More and more peeps are going to sue Mobile side of things and spam calls etc are on increase. I am more than happy to Beta test Mobile builds.
  3. Does not support Chrome on Android Lollipop 5.0 or 5.1 for me, says so in ESET GUI. Not sure why TXT feature cannot be programmed back in, I know its a change made to the Android side but its just going to sit not working from now on? I would like blocking calls from overseas also so as to avoid these calls centres and are calls that appear as "Unknown" simply, withheld numbers? I ask as "Withheld" is not same as "Blank" numbers you can get from spam marketing, BT have a home phone that can block all these. I can block Withheld number on my Siemens landline phone but not one th
  4. Crack are not usually viruses esp if you got it inside the actual complete game you grabbed .ISO and get the crack not grab a standalone crack from some site you Googled.. The legit games .EXS is modded so it will be seen as a False Positive, common sense says to send to ESET for whitelisting and if you trust the source in meantime make an exception in settings. If you cannot do either buy the games legit.
  5. 48 hour period has just passed and it updated itself and its fine again. Had to be the update.
  6. Sorry cannot show initial ESS icon error as rebooting a few times got rid of it, but can show you the Pop Up for AntiSpam not loading each startup. I am already on Preleases and always have been. I have rolled back and postponed updates for 48hrs, do you want me to undo this and show you the AntiSpam and Windows Action Centre messages? The "ABOUT" windows which is full of all Modules and Build numbers and my License info is totally blank when these errors appear but its fine now rolled back.
  7. Started up PC and ES icon shows error saying protection is not enabled though it is. I reboot a few time and its gone but opening MS Mail ESS says Antispam Module is not loading. Each time if I let the PC sit long enough to load Windows Action Centre it will tell me ESS is out of date. I rolled back update and issues were fixed and later tried to update again to latest and issues were back. Is there an issue with todays update? I am on Win 8.1 Update1 64bit with Preleased option.
  8. Used LassPass to Generate me a new password instead of weak one I had.
  9. There is no point as it will not look like it does in the flesh. You had enough testers telling you it was ugly and no idea why other who are happy with it feel the need to post in here, they are happy so good for them but that is the done thing here. Compared to all other icons in the Notification Area it looks like it was drawn in MsPaint, the edge are messy. Its not a deal breaker (again) but listen to your tester next time and choice is good BTW. MS took that away and look at them now. No doubt one of the 2 little trolls will post for pure sake of it but they are on ign
  10. Obviously you do that is why I said that then "but not vice versa" and then mentioned he may be able get a discount for upgrading. You basically contradict me then say the same.
  11. AFAIK you can freely swap between ESS and Nod32 (I think) if you own ESS, not other way around so not sure if you could get a discount.
  12. Its the only icons that looks ###### and past ESS ones were fine, nothing is modded on my PC and its looked as bad in Vista as it does is Win8/8.1 Again not a deal breaker and I thought this section was closed till I seen the post but its still a niggle and was brought up and nothing done about it. Thanks for your time but next beta test get ESET to listen to testers even for little things like cosmetics.
  13. Scaling is 100% on a Sony FW900 (small round pixels so should look better than blocky LCD) but same on my LCD's it was reported by many Beta testers but as usual fell on deaf ears. It looks cheap esp. the edges as if I drew it in paint. Its not a deal breaker but still mentioned enough by forum members and no clue how you can say nobody bothers with GUI once installed, its a icon I see in my Notification Area permanently, I use it to open GUI and ideally Update if you added that back in same as older versions (again suggested by many). When is this site going to support IE11 fully
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