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  1. Description: Ability to update PFX associated with MDC policy programmatically rather than through web interface.

    Detail: We have MDC using a Let's Encrypt signed cert. These certs get auto-generated every 90 days via a cronjob. Currently, while the cert itself (a PKCS#12 PFX file) gets created successfully on schedule, I must manually edit the MDC policy within the ESMC web console to upload the new PFX to the policy. I would like to be able to instead import the new PFX file directly to the policy, possibly by way of a Linux command line tool whose command I can include within the Let's Encrypt cronjob.

    An [easier?] alternative would be to allow the MDC policies to link to a hard file path for the PFX. That way I could just replace the PFX file as needed, restart the eramdmcore service, and allow the policy to simply pick up the new PFX on load.

    Robbie // The Bald Nerd

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