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  1. Hi Peteyt I said free incorrectly I got this computer at an estate sale & eset program was on the computer, but I had a paid version of AVG that I like, & when these two programs didn’t play well with each other, I tried to uninstall eset & discovered there wasn’t any way to remove eset. I know what you mean about AVG, but years ago they were the only free virus program, & I feel buying their programs is pay back. BaldNerd has given me some good info, but still I can get help, can you tell me how to disable eset program features?
  2. Thanks BaldNerd for your input. I checked out the links you sent & they look promising, but above my compute ability comfort zone, so i will take your info to a computer repair guy to try your suggestion. Attached is eset error message & AVG report Lightning
  3. Thanks for reply. When I got home I fired up my windows 10 Eset had a pop-up in lower right bottom saying an error had happened at loading. The attached screen is what I have on my screen. It has cleaned up files before several times. I open this program by clicking windows icon on task bar & program list comes up & I choose ESET Security & this opens. When starting computer it normally doesn't have a loading error. If itman is correct that mac program works on windows too. I got this computer from an estate sale, & it is loaded.
  4. I have other virus programs that have issue with Eset virus Free program. I need to uninstall Eset virus program, but it doesn't show up in control panel programs, or setting apps to be removed. ( I have Windows 10 ) The program is NOD32 Antivirus & Cyber-Security but comes up as Eset I can do Eset computer scan, & it works fine, but has sometimes had a message error saying it didn't load correctly. Hope you can help me.
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