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  1. I've been running one client with Windows 11 and Endpoint Security 8.1.2031.0 for a few weeks now without any issues.
  2. Same here, also using business product, Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Antivirus. All affected clients using 13102 definitions.
  3. The KB3114409 was released this week but OP posted 6 november about this problem. I don't think it's related to this update.
  4. I am also very interested to start using an ESET hosted ERA in the cloud.
  5. I'm also experiencing this issue on all clients. Most of them freezes 1-5 times per day while others can make it 2-3 days before freezing. Going to remove the client agent until this issue is fixed. Unbelievable how this can go through quality control as mentioned above.
  6. Oh I saw your thread yesterday but I forgot to answer... Nope I didn't find any solution. Oh well, my solution was change antispam protection to another vendor. I do really like Eset but this problem was so annoying so I didn't see any other solution than to change. So since one year ago i'm running another antispam but i'm still using eset as Antivirus on all clients and servers.
  7. I can't whitelist @gmail.com for understandable reasons but many of these gets quarantined with the reason "sender has spammy reputation". I've checked the ip on mailshell LiveFeed lookup and it says that it does not have spammy reputation. Why are they then quarantined? However there is a warning on Mailshells site saying "mail-la0-f53.google.com' domain has a moderate spam rate".
  8. I looked up five domains and ips that got rejected (but are not spam) and all of them had "does not have a spammy reputation on LiveFeed." On the DNSBL lookup there was 4 that was blacklisted on 1 out of 242 and one domain that was blacklisted on 10 out of 242. I've played with these settings and they worked well with 4.3. I think they still do but some non-spam gets rejected by the spammy reputation reason. We have over 4000 customers who contact us from different domains, but yes, I've started to whitelist the most frequent atleast hehe
  9. Hi, Two weeks ago I updated Mail security for Exchange from 4.3 from 4.5 and since then quite a few legit senders gets rejected with the reason "sender has spammy reputation (100%)" and gets 100 score. These two weeks it's been pretty quiet with mail:s during Christmas but almost 1 out of 10 legit mails gets rejected with this reason. Before I upgraded maybe 1 out of 500 legit mails got rejected with this reason. I dont really know how I can change the settings so this reason not blocking these non-spam mails? I've checked the real spam that gets rejected by this reason, which are very many, and all of them have also been on DNSBL. So if its possible to not use the "sender has spammy reputation" reason the spam anyway gets rejected as they appear on DNSBL. Any tips?
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