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  1. How many people check (or even know about) reliability monitor? Sadly, I'll be quite honest I had used Eset since V2.5. I can't find any third party security software that works without issues any more. Eset was always my go to. I don't like the banking and anti theft. Or parental controls particular. I think this was just the last straw.
  2. It started 1909 on mine (and previous Eset) Still no errors with it removed?
  3. I had this on two different PC's for nearly a year I waited to see if the May update fixed things that's when I gave up. If that helps Below is on Defender
  4. I never solved this. Windows 10 pro on desktop and home on laptop. Would appear about once every three days. Reverted to defender on both now. Couldn't work if out.
  5. I will keep my eyes open. I really shouldn't have deleted them all. I was positive more would appear. They didn't. The entries in action center were not very informative. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi I have Windows 10 64 bit pro. And Eset internet security. About once a week in action center I see WMI provider (maybe provisioner) stopped responding. I tried everything to try and resolve. When I installed the May 2020 2004 update it continued. I thought I would be try without Eset for a while and the reports have stopped? Always used on default settings. Anyone else see this? Thanks.
  7. lol! It works fine! Thanks for the help and sorry for the daft question, I couldn't find the option.
  8. Hi I can't seem to get my Outlook add in working? Windows 10 64 bit and Eset Internet Security
  9. If you copy and paste the whole thread from the other forum you will read the last two entries confirm what I have already stated in the first post of this thread. The errors only went away after removing Eset? I was wondering if anyone could tell me why this was happening? Update: I have a Fujitsu laptop running 10 home 64 bit. Last used February. No issues with Eset (I have a 2 PC license) On desktop I removed Eset before upgrading to 1803. On laptop I left it in place. No issues until last weeks KB4284835, then showing exactly the same error in both reliability monitor and Event log. I have searched the web and can't find anyone else with the problem, all my privacy settings were default, and I have /had it on both PC's Anyone shed any light very welcome as my license is ticking away. Cheers
  10. Hi I am running Windows 10 1803 64 bit and Eset Internet Security 11.1.54. Since the windows updates on Tuesday, once a day I receive a red 'x' in reliability monitor and event log stating 'Devicecensus.exe has stopped working. I spent a lot of time changing security settings and the only was I can get it to stop is to remove Eset. I guess this is Windows self checking itself and getting kicked off by Eset, I can't find anyone else with the same issue though?
  11. will do thanks! Apparently it's an interface bug.
  12. I just upgraded my AV to IS. I didn't agree to auto renewal and watched quite carefully. My program now says auto renewal? Yet there is nowhere to cancel it on the site, as if it is not going to auto renew. I don't want my card details kept by anyone and find this a little confusing if not misleading.
  13. It was happening on pretty much every site I visited yesterday (see other thread) resolved itself very quickly though
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