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  1. How many people check (or even know about) reliability monitor? Sadly, I'll be quite honest I had used Eset since V2.5. I can't find any third party security software that works without issues any more. Eset was always my go to. I don't like the banking and anti theft. Or parental controls particular. I think this was just the last straw.
  2. It started 1909 on mine (and previous Eset) Still no errors with it removed?
  3. I had this on two different PC's for nearly a year I waited to see if the May update fixed things that's when I gave up. If that helps Below is on Defender
  4. I never solved this. Windows 10 pro on desktop and home on laptop. Would appear about once every three days. Reverted to defender on both now. Couldn't work if out.
  5. I will keep my eyes open. I really shouldn't have deleted them all. I was positive more would appear. They didn't. The entries in action center were not very informative. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi I have Windows 10 64 bit pro. And Eset internet security. About once a week in action center I see WMI provider (maybe provisioner) stopped responding. I tried everything to try and resolve. When I installed the May 2020 2004 update it continued. I thought I would be try without Eset for a while and the reports have stopped? Always used on default settings. Anyone else see this? Thanks.
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