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    fchelp received kudos from katycomputersystems in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: Cancel scheduled task
    Detail: Currently once a task has been scheduled you can do nothing to stop it, please add the ability to be able to cancel a scheduled task.
    Description: Dynamic Group without agent
    Detail: I should be able to create a Dynamic group without the need of an agent installed on the clients computer, this is extremely useful for example when i want to  create a server task to install agent on all agent less computers, also once a computer was already connected through an agent ERA anyway has all info from the computers so why do we have to wait until all computers actually connect again that the dynamic group should update? so many times i want to run a task on all computers that are named a specific way, so i create a dynamic rule then i have to wait i don't know how long until all computers connect to era so my dynamic group updates and only then i'm able to run my task.
    Description: Exclude computers located in AD group from dynamic group.
    Detail: The ability to filter out in dynamic group computer that are located in a AD group group, for example i currently have a dynamic group nested under "All" that filters computers that are named a specific way and are specific OS, i want to exclude computers that even if they are named and have the correct OS they still be excluded because they are located in a specific AD group.
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    fchelp received kudos from pps in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: Reuse old triggers
    Detail: Since you pointed out that the triggers are editable, i think that when we select a computer and run a task on it (from the actions menu), it should ask us if we want to use an existing trigger, or if we want to create a new one, or maybe even more, when executing a task from the actions menu, it always runs with a "Execute ASAP" trigger, so why can't it just reuse always the same trigger instead of creating new triggers for every time, the reason i'm asking it, as i keep on running tasks and my list of triggers is growing, and here comes my second recommendation.

    Description: Delete multiple triggers
    Detail: The ability to delete multiple triggers at once (maybe by adding check boxes next to the triggers).
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    fchelp received kudos from raigorodski in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: Set default trigger to expire in a day
    Details: Currently when creating a new trigger the default is to expire the same time the trigger is created, so basically the trigger will never run unless manually changed, please change this to either force us to put in an expiration time, or change the default expiration to at-least a day later.
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    fchelp gave kudos to MichalJ in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    You can open the individual task entry in Admin / Client tasks, by the little "+" expand button, and then toggle a context menu for individual entry. You can remove individual triggers, or eventually even edit targets. Screenshot attached.
    In the next version (7.0) we will be adding possibility to save a filter set, for a various conditions (un-managed computers, computers without security product installed, computers with a specific security product version ...). You will then get the filtered view on top of all computers by few clicks. However, you won´t be able to automate like you do for Dynamic Groups. However, for the future, we are working on more in-depth server side automation, where defined conditions will result in "tagging" a computer, and automation framework will check "assigned tags" and trigger actions based on them. This won´t be done to 7.0, as the feature is a bit complex, but it´s being worked on. Filter sets are below, on the screenshot.

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    fchelp gave kudos to Jaroslav Mixa in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Nice thread, I have tens of comments to ERA server / functions. ERA is not user friendly in most cases.... 
    I will post something. 
    Description: Dynamic groups rules / tasks
    Detail: I would like to be able to show all rules/tasks linked to dynamic groups. Or to be able to find where rules are linked. I would love to disable group/rules instead of only delete or edit them to dysfunction it. It is nearly imposible to read ties.
    Description: task history deletion / filter and so on
    Detail: I would like to be able to delete (mass delete) task history. I have tens of ASAP task and they are only messing in my log. 
    I would like to be able to see which computers were affected by the single task when pointing to a TARGETS column. Why I have to edit history of the task to see which computer was affected? I would like to click on 1 computer(s) to open the list or show the list. 
    Description: trigers
    Detail: ASAP. Sometimes ASAP fails and I have no idea why.... Computer was online. I think rule should wait for online status or give me better feedback 
    Description: Failed / Trace message
    Detail: When I point on the FAILED status I would like to receive more information what happens without opening the HISTORY of the COMPUTER. BTW FAILED ICON should allow me to open history....   Trace message is sometimes to long and I am unable to read whole message. 

    Description: Repository
    Detail: Choosing ESET version from a repository is not user-friendly. I have to be very careful to chose the right version. 
    Description: Reports
    Detail: Why I cannot export report Computer name    Identifier type    Identifier value    Adapter IPv4 address Computer nameDevice manufacturerDevice modelOS nameOS versionAdapter IPv4 addressRemoteHost and so on ? When I chose some identifier other identifiers are disabled. Why? 
    I would like to be able to find report using some SEARCH function.
    Description: ELA
    Detail: Why I am unable to fully maintain a license that customers gave me under my administration? I am unable to remove computers which are not activated under ERA. I have to open ELA portal using my customer's credentials. Why I can not edit ELA credentials on my ERA server? 
    Description: Upgrade
    Detail: When I am upgrading EEA using ERA I have to activate them afterward. Why? Product was already activated. 
    Description: Variables in tasks / templates
    Detail: I would like to have variables in task / dynamic groups. For example I have 4 activation tasks (4licenses). I would like to activate product which is not activated when joining dynamic group based on FOLDER group.
    When computer from AAA company join the NOT ACTIVATED group, the AAA-ACTIVATE task will be used. 
    When computer from BBB company join the NOT ACTIVATED group, the BBB-ACTIVATE task will be used.
    Description: Applied policies tree
    Detail: I would love to see the tree of policies which are applied on a computer and would like to be able to identify which policy rule won the policy over-ride battle. I am not satisfied with list of policies. 
    Description: Threats infection and cleaning
    Detail: I am not unable to simply perform an action on threats whir where not automatically solved by EEA. For example, I would like to choose threats and click on "DELETE" or "CLEAN" or other things. I am able to mark them only as RESOLVED  
    Description: Sorting / filtering
    Detail: I can filter columns by STATUs or LAST CONNECTED, but I am unable to do multi filter. For example I would like to sort all computer by WORST FUNCTIONALITY and LAST CONNECTED, because working with offline computer does not make sense. 
    And so on.....
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