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  1. This would only work if you deploy your image on different hardware, but in corporate environments a lot of times you have a bunch of identical computers with identical hardware.
  2. I have other computers with era that are connecting, it's only a few that don't. status (2).zip (i removed the server name for security reasons) As written before, it can't be that the issue is that the port is blocked, as i have a lot of computers that are connecting to era. Client Firewall. It's showing in "Programs and Features" and in "c:\Program Files\ESET" folder. It's wasn't deployed using GPO, it was installed using an AIO. That's unrelated, as it's asking you for new configuration, but your old one you should be able to see in Status.html I was able to find a common denominator between all computers that are not connecting to era, all of them are clones from one image, so most probably there lies the issue, but i can't pinpoint exactly where, i already uninstalled and reinstalled the era agent on the computers. Thanks in advance.
  3. I just check in the status.html file and the server name is the correct one, and nslookup was successful as well. So could someone please tell me what the hack is wrong with ERA agent that it doesn't connect to the ERA server?!
  4. Is there anyway i could see in ESET endpoint application, to which ERA server it tries to connect?
  5. the commend nslookup returns the correct ip, and i'm able to ping it as said already in a previous post.
  6. It happens on most new machines i am adding to ERA except one. (the only common denominator is they are all exactly the same model computer, and windows was cloned, I manually reinstalled ERA agent on each computer) Where do i change the IP or the hostname in the clients ERA agent? It's a IPv4 network Thanks
  7. Update: it seems that the issue is unrelated to AIO installer, the issue appears even on computers that the agent was installed through ERA.
  8. Hi, I created an all in one installer, and installed a few computers with it, for some unknown reason the computers don't connect to era. Where could be the issue? ( i already disabled the firewall) Thanks in advance
  9. Oh you're right, i didn't notice that it's a month later, i was only looking at the day and time, thanks!
  10. Description: Set default trigger to expire in a day Details: Currently when creating a new trigger the default is to expire the same time the trigger is created, so basically the trigger will never run unless manually changed, please change this to either force us to put in an expiration time, or change the default expiration to at-least a day later. Thanks
  11. @MichalJ for adding my point to the backlog About the ASAP, of course it's not run now, as the nodes first need to connect, it's just the best equivalent to run now, and about the expiration date, valid point, just a different idea how about deleting triggers after the expiration time?
  12. Description: Reuse old triggers Detail: Since you pointed out that the triggers are editable, i think that when we select a computer and run a task on it (from the actions menu), it should ask us if we want to use an existing trigger, or if we want to create a new one, or maybe even more, when executing a task from the actions menu, it always runs with a "Execute ASAP" trigger, so why can't it just reuse always the same trigger instead of creating new triggers for every time, the reason i'm asking it, as i keep on running tasks and my list of triggers is growing, and here comes my second recommendation. Description: Delete multiple triggersDetail: The ability to delete multiple triggers at once (maybe by adding check boxes next to the triggers). Thanks
  13. Description: Select multipleDetail: The ability to select one computer, hold down shift and select another computer, all computers in between should become selected.
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