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  1. Hi Skello, I will ask our Enterprise Inspector specialist to investigate this further. Just to confirm - you currently have 2 EI servers connected to 1 ESMC/PROTECT server but one of the EI servers is giving you the error as described above, correct?
  2. Hello everyone, I believe that the new Hotfix build 1.6.1766.0 should fix any issues with Exclusions not working correctly as mentioned by Peter. If this is not the case please let us know and we can investigate the particular problematic Exclusion further. Thanks and have a great day, Adam
  3. Hi Avielc, Sorry to hear you are having troubles with creating the needed Exclusion. What version/build number of EEI are you currently using please? I will also verify the exclusion in the screenshot with our team.
  4. Hello OdoArdTus, In the latest version 1.6 of ESET Enterprise Inspector it is possible to view not only SHA1 hash values as the default but also their SHA256 values of executables in the executable details view. Additionally if you require also MD5 hash values to be calculated for executables then this can be configured via EI Agent policy from ESET PROTECT (see screenshot below). If your are using an older version of EEI it is possible to enable SHA256 calculation via policy just like for MD5. If you wish to block executables via EEI it is currently only possible to do so based on SHA1 values. SHA256 is planned for the future but I do not have a precise date for you yet. Adam, EEI Product Manager
  5. Hi Ruben, Thanks for the valuable feedback - Michal did indeed forward it to the EEI team. Allow me to provide a little more information - EEI Cloud is one of our top priorities and you can expect it towards the end of Q4 this year. In its first iteration it will be a separate console just like it is now with the on-premise versions of EEI + ESET PROTECT consoles. However, please note that they will be tightly integrated, will share the same single sign-on (SSO). We are definitely exploring multiple approaches such as merging EEI (or EDR functionality in general) with PROTECT, however we really want to make sure that the user experience is solid and this requires more time which is one of the key factors at the moment. Functionality-wise EEI Cloud will be really strong and equal to its on-premise counterpart (we plan to release and update - version 1.7 at the same time). For a seamless MSPs experience we plan to later implement the same style of multitenancy as is currently used in PROTECT, in the next version of EEI after the initial launch of its Cloud version.
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