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  1. Probably, earlier I've used english interface of Windows 10, now it's russian. Sometimes its normal, sometimes not, I've updated EIS, so we'll see.
  2. I've upgraded to ESET Internet Security 10.0.369.0, seems that THE problem disappeared, but when i installed the EIS my PC almost completely froze and i had to RESET, but after that, so far no problems. ,
  3. I'confused, I have ESS 9 for 3 PC, I want install ESS 10, which one should i choose: ESET Internet Security, ESET Multi-Device Security or ESET Smart Security Premium?! Of course i need at least the same, for 3 PC.
  4. Try download full version from officail site, it should be 9.0.386.0 https://s21.postimg.org/esate034n/image.jpg
  5. The problem persists on 9.0.402 and 9.0.38x. I didn't try pre-release updates and i will not. Sorry guys, I don't want experimenting, i want solution.
  6. Yes i did, so far(2-3 days) no solution. I don't mind waiting, but i have work to do and i don't want to spent time on resolving this problem in the middle of it.
  7. Hi, same problem. After(1-2 minutes after Eset splash screen) Anniversary update i've started to receive notification: "Windows firewall and Eset Personal firewall are both turned off. Tap or click to see....". ~30 seconds later notification disappears. Before Anniversary update everything was fine. And i don't think this is a small problem.
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