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  1. its now updating after i closed off adguard application
  2. yes purchased via eset australia. Detection Engine: 19836 (20190811) Rapid Response module: 14705 (20190811) Update module: 1018.1 (20190709) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1554.1 (20190731) Advanced heuristics module: 1193 (20190626) Archive support module: 1289 (20190709) Cleaner module: 1195 (20190610) Anti-Stealth support module: 1154 (20190614) Firewall module: 1390 (20190712) ESET SysInspector module: 1275 (20181220) Translation support module: 1751 (20190625) HIPS support module: 1362.4 (20190722) Internet protection module: 1372.2 (20190725) Web content filter module: 1071 (20190605) Advanced antispam module: 7819 (20190802) Database module: 1108 (20190711) Configuration module (33): 1777 (20190613) LiveGrid communication module: 1053 (20190321) Specialized cleaner module: 1013 (20190627) Banking & payment protection module: 1155 (20190724) Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1019 (20170825) Network protection module: 1680 (20190403) Router vulnerability scanner module: 1062 (20190515) Script scanner module: 1053 (20190708) Connected Home Network module: 1031.1 (20190621) Cryptographic protocol support module: 1036 (20190719) Databases for advanced antispam module: 3265 (20190811) Deep behavioral inspection support module: 1079 (20190614)
  3. tryed clearing the update cache and also reinstalling, says my version is the current version
  4. Update authorization failed. Please check if your license is valid error now, this error is still showing after adding the new license details, also says activated to 2020 on the about tab.
  5. Hello, i have purchased another year of eset smart security premium. They have taken the money from my bank but i have not recieved any license details for the renewal? How long does it usually take to come threw? Thanks Have recieved the details, thankyou
  6. Check the time is correct on your system, if the times out password manager wont sync to the cloud
  7. Problem is now fixed and working correctly, thanks Marcos
  8. Hello in eset smart security it says it integrates into outlook express / windows mail. Is eset referring to the windows mail app? If so how can i get the antispam plugin working. Also when i set eset email alerts to show scanned with eset tag to all sent and received mail i get no notification on the message body saying scanned with eset. This is in the windows 10 mail app. If eset antispam dosent work in the windows mail app what is windows mail that esets website says the anti spam plugin works on? Thanks i would like to get mail setup and working with the anti spam
  9. Eset password manager is saying Your license has expired. No new passwords can be added. Also sync for passwords is disabled at the bottom of the password manager home page. My license is valid till 08/2019 so im unsure as to why this is not working any help would be great ty.
  10. Why even use 8 if eset themselves are telling you it cant handle the modern day threats? You may as well not use anything if you are just stubbern on not updating to a new version to enhance your security.
  11. In automatic firewall mode eset will allow svchost.exe to access win update without you doing anything. If your in intractive mode allow svchost.exe
  12. Also Kor goto microsoft and get the tool to repair windows update. Its free from micro https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/971058
  13. If eset is uninstalled and you are blocked also check windows firewall rules for svchost.exe. it will be needed to access the net to get updates so make sure its not blocked or something
  14. Blackviper site has win 10 service configurations so you know what to set as, his tweaked version of config will also update fine from microsoft if you want to use that for a bit of extra proformance.
  15. You may have disabled a required windows update service in services. Restore services to defaults and have another try and rule out what you need and dont in services
  16. Yes i have installed updates just fine with eset smart security 9 installed and without installed no problems
  17. Also Seth, with your question, thats pretty much what the kill switch does it disables ur internet and stops all traffic if your connection to the vpn ever drops out or while resetting ip's. So eset will have no need to build it to their program. Ipvanish need to make it work with firewalls really.
  18. To view your active connections to the internet open the eset main window, Click Tools > More Tools > Network Connections
  19. It is a major problem that will hopefully be fixed soon as you can only safely run with it off and if net drops out your real ip can be gained easily defeating the purpose of using. You definitely need a kill switch on a vpn client to be propper steathed!. But at the momemnt its at the cost of a firewall. I pretty sure its a open vpn/ ipvanish problem as the same problem happens with bit deffender. cheers
  20. Heya Seth, Do not enable the kill switch in Ipvanish settings. There is a major problem with the kill switch being enabled, your firewall (eset and bit deffender i have tested) will allow all traffic aka blocked programs etc to go straight past the firewall and access the net. To replicate the problem block a program with esets firewall then leave kill switch off, all will run sweet and the program will be blocked by the firewall, but enable kill switch and try again an the program will access the net straight past the firewall. So basically every an anything can connect out and in. Problem purely happens when the kill switch is enabled so leave off till they fix it. I have reported the problem to eset and ipvanish but no real news about a fix or anything yet.
  21. Is the new version you are talking about eset 10? Or will eset smart security 9 be getting this fix also?
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