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  1. That is fine I shall just uninstall and just go somewhere else and just let my remaining subscription time run out. I do not upgrade to v9 because the general performance of my machine is far better when using v8 wither it be browsing the web or going into a folder with lots of files and having it not freeze before allowing me to do anything. Plus the interface is alot cleaner in v8 rather than the metroesque style of v9 which all swayed me to staying on v8 where I have never had one issue. For me v8 with up to date definitions provide enough security but if you are now saying im going to get pestered on a weekly basis to update to a version that I dislike I shall move onto a different company with an antivirus product that better suits my needs as of right now ESET v9 does not interest me in the slightest.
  2. Recently I have received a splash screen telling me to upgrade to the latest version due to "insert marketing stuff here". I clicked the not now link for now but my issue is I have the program set to not check for program updates as for various reasons I do not wish to upgrade to v9. So how can I prevent this update splash screen from occurring, will it display on a regular basis? Or will "not now" stop it from occurring again? As I find it annoying that you provide an option to stop checking for program updates yet still throw up splash screens trying to get me to update my program.
  3. I had this issue also and because it wouldn't even let me access this forum I never found the fix that the original op had applied to solve it. In the end I uninstalled the product checked here and went back to v8 like someone else did, if I can help it I wont return to v9 as v8 interface and version is alot smoother and less clunky plus it seems more polished than v9. I just recently purchased the product and it was not a very good first impressions having my internet break on me but im willing to give the product more time as it is new to see if it settles in ok.
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