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  1. No, that's not the case (yet ?). In v. 6, I have all rules allowed on the left and then it's a mix of Allowed / Files/ Application or Allowed / - / Applications or Allowed / - / - All these don't appear in 1 group. Also you don't remember this sequence long time after. It would me much easier to click on "Source applications" and then all would be sorted. I took some 5-10 minutes to search the crowed window for an app to remove. XenonS
  2. Hi, first congrats to your great support given all along in your 'old' forum site. I'm sure it will be the same in this new one. I'm very satisfied with ESET v.6 : great performance and excellent detection rate. Also the Interactive Mode fits best for advanced users. Suggestion: What I would most like in ESET is the capability of sorting the entries in the HIPS Management (Hips > Rule editor > configure rules), especially sorting by Source Applications or by Rules (exe name). This makes it easier to find rules to edit or delete. Or: make the last rule created to appear in latest position down in the list. The same would be nice for the Firewall rules. Cheers, XenonS
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