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  1. Have you tried to install and run Malwarebytes? I've always heard it can help with an infected machine. hxxp://www.malwarebytes.org/
  2. First I would contact the vendor of the AV you used before and advise them to implement some kind of Self Defense system for their products processes, you should not be able to kill them that easily. You make a good point.
  3. Anybody know a way to completely shut down ESET, short of uninstalling it? There are times when just suspending my malware application isn't enough. I am new to ESET and with my former security app I could go into process explorer and suspend or delete the running processes. With ESET I am not even able to go into Windows Services and disable ESET. In all cases my access is denied, even though I am logged in as administrator. My former security app had a right click option to shut it down.
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