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  1. Hi Marcos, thanks to respond. My problem is solved: I have learned that for some reasons Restore Points in Win7 may only work if you run them in protected mode (which was successful in my case), others will work in normal running mode. Thanks, XenonS
  2. Hi, When trying to do a System Restore in Windows 7, after having manually created a restore point, the restore doesn't work saying that nothing has been restored because of an error: Unknown error ... (0x8007 1a90). I wonder if ESET has to be deactivated prior of a system restore, if it has to be done in protected mode, or if the cause has nothing to do with a security suite. Thanks to feedback! XenonS
  3. Here is an appropriate extract from my personal notes about ESET v. 6 and this topic: *********************** Using Gamer Mode **************** ESET usually consumes very little ressources compared to other security suites. The default setting for the Gamer Mode is set that it enables as soon as a game or application goes in Fullscreen. This will temporary disable scheduled task and pop-up windows. This is enough most of the time for "normal" games that do not require extensive ressources. If you play a heavy ressource demanding game with advanced grafics and memory requirements, then take these additional steps (from ESET Knowlegebase): a) Scan only executable files By default, your ESET security product scans a file whenever it is created or accessed. This is fine for typical computing conditions, but can cause significant performance issues for for games that constantly load sound files, textures and models. For this reason, configuring your ESET security product to scan only files containing executable code allows you to maximize your gaming performance with minimal risk. b) Adding protocol filtering exclusions for gaming Your ESET security product automatically detects programs like web browsers and email clients and scans them using the ESET kernel service (ekrn.exe) as an internal proxy server. This is fine for typical computing conditions, but can cause performance issues and loss of Internet connectivity in gaming-related applications that use network features, such as peer-to-peer services and update utilities. Note: A much more radical method is to disable the "Real-time File System Protection", but this is UNSAFE when online as threats could not be identified immediately. Do this only if you go offline! ******************************* I hope this helps you, XenonS
  4. Hi marvellous, I'm also playing some heavy ressource-demanding games once in awhile and use ESET v.6. What you are telling proves that ESET just works fine! Your game dynamically produces some files (grafic, textures, temporary files) which ESET scans in real time. That of course has the consequence of slowing down your framerate. This would be true for ALL such games with heavy ressources. This is treated in the ESET KB. Essentially, a good method is that you must set ESET to only scan real-time for exucutable files. Do this when playing such games and revert afterwards. XenonS
  5. Hi, I'm using the Portable Edition of Thunderbird. Do your setup indications above for scanning e-mails also apply for the portable edition? Thanks, XenonS
  6. Yes, I have the same problem with the Flashplayer Update of Adobe Reader. It creates a temp folder every time with a new number before launching and ESET will alert every time, no way for me to "teach" Eset, but then: It's a new executable every time, so Eset behaves Ok. You could go with defining exceptions, but that's very risky IMO. We need an expert here to comment. XenonS
  7. Why so much blabla ? You have to start Win in safety mode and disable (with msconfig) Eset Service and ekrn.exe To re-enable Eset again, you must do the same way by starting in safetey mode. That's all very good. It protects the user. Tip for ADVANCED users only: for online gaming or intense read/write operations, you can set the Real-Time Scan to scan only executable files in order to increase performance. Good job, Eset, XenonS
  8. No, that's not the case (yet ?). In v. 6, I have all rules allowed on the left and then it's a mix of Allowed / Files/ Application or Allowed / - / Applications or Allowed / - / - All these don't appear in 1 group. Also you don't remember this sequence long time after. It would me much easier to click on "Source applications" and then all would be sorted. I took some 5-10 minutes to search the crowed window for an app to remove. XenonS
  9. Hi, first congrats to your great support given all along in your 'old' forum site. I'm sure it will be the same in this new one. I'm very satisfied with ESET v.6 : great performance and excellent detection rate. Also the Interactive Mode fits best for advanced users. Suggestion: What I would most like in ESET is the capability of sorting the entries in the HIPS Management (Hips > Rule editor > configure rules), especially sorting by Source Applications or by Rules (exe name). This makes it easier to find rules to edit or delete. Or: make the last rule created to appear in latest position down in the list. The same would be nice for the Firewall rules. Cheers, XenonS
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