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  1. Thank you for the response. I should have made that more clear - I'm talking about the Firewall rules list. If I search on the 2nd page on, I get no results. Could you please confirm that? Thx.
  2. 3) A small correction to my 3rd issue - it turns out the multi-page searching is even less intuitive than I thought. The search ONLY works when I'm viewing page #1 of the rules list. It doesn't return any results if I search while viewing a different page. The whole multi-page format of the rules list is just pointless at the least, but it actually makes using the list too difficult. Here is why. In order to see the latest entries to the list, I have to click several times to go to the last page (of course there is no sorting here, and there is no button for "last page"). Then,
  3. Hello, 1) Is there any way to categorize or filter the rules list by manufacturer? For example, I want to see all applications signed by Microsoft, Adobe, etc. Recently I tried Avast which has that feature. 2) How can I turn off the multi-page listing? How can I display all entries on the screen, instead of just 200 at a time? Why make the user flip through multiple pages? 3) It seems that the search only works on the current page, it doesn't search the entire list. This makes searching cumbersome. How can I search the entire list, without having to flip through the pag
  4. same problem with update, my last update was from 2016-11-13 and ever since then the Update screen says that virus signature database is UP TO DATE, but the Home screen says databse is OUT OF DATE.
  5. Well, it turns out the v10 firewall rules list looks just as bleak and difficult to navigate as v9, and it's hard on the eyes, so I am re-posting my suggestion for a user-friendly list that was present in v8 and earlier.
  6. Description: A few suggestions to make the Firewall rules list more user-friendly, again. Detail: Up until (and including) version 8 the rules list had the following useful features which are now missing in v.9: - "Detailed view" was available where the list could be sorted by various categories, most importantly by name and date modified. Detailed view is gone in v.9 for not apparent reason, and so the list cannot be sorted anymore. Please either bring back Detailed view with sorting, OR enable sorting in the main rules list. - Program icons were shown next to each application
  7. Thank you for the response. I'm just not sure what it means that programs are evaluated in the order they appear, or how that's relevant to the questions I asked about the sorting or the program icons.
  8. Hello, Thank you for keeping ESS great! I've tried many security suites and I find this one to be one of most user-friendly and most functional. That is, up until I started using version 9. Unfortunately the Firewall rules list is one area that seems to have undergone some major changes in version 9, and most of them for the worst. I always use the interactive-mode firewall, and I like to see everything that requires internet access, and determine every single rule myself. My list grows very long very quickly, and it becomes very difficult to find anything in it. Up until version 8 I
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