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  1. True, I can use Nirsoft's tool, I have in the past, but Eset should improve their Network Connections viewer. I think it falls short of expectations.
  2. My Eset GUI occasionally crashes when accessing firewall settings. Maybe that's not the reason it crashes and is only a coincidence, but none the less it still crashes. It will freeze up when accessing Firewall application settings, and sometimes crash. Has anyone else had any problem with Eset GUI freezing up, and crashing? I think maybe it has something to do with enabling diagnostic mode under the firewall application rules for an application since that is what I did 5 minutes before the GUI stopped responding. Diagnostics worked since it gave me a few notifications about connection att
  3. Ok, thank you for providing me with that info! I must say i'm disappointed. I think they should also monitor UDP as well. I will just rely on Process Hacker, and others that monitor other protocols.
  4. There seems to be a bug with Network Connections Viewer in Eset Internet Security I'm running a P2P Client called Fopnu right now, and downloading a file. Fopnu Client is not showing up in the Network Connections Viewer. It shows nothing actively downloading at all. I clicked on refresh several times and there was no change. I exited out of Network Connections Viewer, and then opened it again but no change. I'm using Windows 10 x64 Pro version 1709.
  5. Yes, I hope they was able to identify the problem and fix it. If not then Eset client was able to add some policy on it's own from me disabling SSL/TLS that allowed the page to load, and also allowed the login. If that's the case then maybe the problem will reappear once I roll my machine back, or reformat. Hopefully they fixed the problem though.
  6. It did make a difference on my machine. Setting the Firewall to Automatic Mode always resolved the problem. That's why I was saying that Eset must be enforcing different SSL/TLS policy in Automatic Mode than Interactive Mode, or the problem is not only SSL/TLS. I could reproduce this 100 percent of the time. This was the case since at least version 11.
  7. Eset is no longer blocking my schools login screen, or the login itself when using Interactive Mode. Also, i'm able to download resources on Blackboard again. I have made no changes. I don't know if Eset made any changes/fixes or not.
  8. I'm not using my own Microsoft On-line ID (windows is a pain to deal with if you authenticate Windows OS login using that method due to privacy issues), but it appears that the school is creating a Online-ID for me to use with Microsoft Sharepoint platform. The domains switches twice during the login process. Take note that Eset blocks even getting to the login screen, but also blocks the login itself most of the time. I don't remember the domain switches that take place before arriving at the logon page. You can see that yourself though without having logon credentials. The domai
  9. I still can't log in with Interactive Mode, and I still can't download documents in Interactive Mode. Switching the Firewall to Automatic Mode is a temporary fix for me. Switching to Automatic Mode allows me to login, and access all resources on Blackboard. Eset appears to be treating SSL/TLS filtering differently in Automatic Mode than in Interactive Mode. I just thought I would let you know so you can pass the word on to the developers. Thank you for all your help! cutting_edgetech Michael
  10. I also have logs I collected with Eset Log Collector. If you need them I can send them by email, or pm if possible.
  11. Here is a screenshot of the sharepoint platform they are using as a central location to access everything. I really like the layout they have.
  12. Only, with my school website, AFAIK. I have problems signing in, and also accessing resources once I have signed in. When using blackboard I can't download documents (.pdf, .doc) without switching to Automatic Mode.
  13. Disabling SSL protocol Scanning seems to have fixed the problem (not really a fix, but a work around). It did not work at first, but after clearing the browser cache I was able to load the sign-in page, and sign in with Eset's Firewall in Interactive Mode. I was able to sign in with Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
  14. This has been an issue since version 11. I just haven't had time to report it until now. I will do as you have instructed, and report back.
  15. Eset Internet Security version Firewall blocks my school's sign-in screen from loading when in Interactive Mode. I receive no prompts, it blocks it silently. It also blocks me from downloading documents on Blackboard when logged into my account in Interactive Mode. This blocking occurs silently also. The only way to avoid the problem is to switch to Automatic Mode. Here is the sign-in page. Click on "use the single sign-on Mypath" link as shown in the screen shoot. https://hazard.kctcs.edu/current-students/student-resources/mypath.aspx I'm using Windows 10 X6
  16. The directory "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Microsoft\Protect\S-1-96-82\ " does not exist on my Windows 10 x64 Pro Version 1709 installation. I don't have a Microsoft folder at that directory.
  17. Sorry, I missed your post. The reputation, and users just stayed blank like in the screen shot. It's working now after rebooting. Thanks!
  18. Rebooting fixed the problem. I didn't want to reboot initially because I had too much work open. It was going to be a pain to save all my work, and start back where I left off. I wanted to make sure LiveGrid was working, before having to reboot. I guess something was going on with Eset, or Windows, Thank you for the suggestions!
  19. I will try rebooting my router then. I have no other firewall other than Eset, and my router's firmware. Nothing has changed with my setup. Everything else is connecting out without issue.
  20. I'm unable to communicate with Eset LiveGrid. Are the servers down, or offline? Using Windows 10 x64 Pro Version 1709, and Eset Internet Security
  21. Eset can actually block detected attacks, and does so it should reflect that by showing something like IDS/IPS or separate settings for IDS and IPS in the GUI. Edited: 10/21/18 @ 1:17 I want to point out that you are correct about it being Hybrid. My suggestion is only that the GUI reflects that correctly by the changes I mentioned above.
  22. Eset may also want to start using the terminology IDS, and IPS to prevent confusion. The following below from Marvin Rhoads, a member of the Cisco Community is a good description that explains the difference betwen IDS, and IPS. IDS does not block, or remediate any traffic at all, you need IPS to do that. "IDS only logs or alerts on malicious traffic." "IPS inspects traffic flowing through a network and is capable of blocking or otherwise remediating flows that it determines are malicious." https://community.cisco.com/t5/firewalls/what-is-the-difference-between-ips-ids-an
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