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Possibe false positive?

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I had recent detection of NSIS/Injector.IY trojan.

The file in question has been on my computer for about 30 days with no previous detection.

The file comes directly from Logitech and tempting to download a new copy results in the same detection

The file in question is located here on the Logitech website hxxp://www.logitech.com/pub/techsupport/gaming/LGS_8.88.30_x64_Logitech.exe


Viruses tend to a be a trigger for my anxiety so this has me worried. Can anyone else weigh in on this.

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You are correct that that is no longer being detected. I restored the file from quarantine and it is not being detected. I did submit the file through the Nod32 software when it was detected. Is it safe to assume that the original detection was a false positive?

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