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US nod32 download page send non-English installer


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When I try to download the latest version of the Windows nod32, the installer is in some Cyrillic based language. The download is from https://www.eset.com...od32-antivirus/


This link comes from https://www.eset.com/us/support/download/home/ after expanding the Windows entry, and clicking Download. After saving the installer, and invoking it, the OS prompts to allow the install with the notation that the verified publisher is ESET, spol.s.r.o. Clicking yes to that starts the installer which has the screen as  shown in the attachment. The language selection drop-down does not allow English as an option.


I believe the links I followed should have given me an English language installer.





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Marcos, thanks for your reply. I'm using WIn 10 ver 1607. I'm in the USA. The OS "Country or Region" shows United States, and English as the chosen language. All automatic location finding is turned off. I also got a link from ESET customer service for case #1466120. They provided this link hxxp://download.eset.com/special/live-installer/us/eset_nod32_antivirus_live_installer.exe which is also pointing to the same Czech installer. It would appear that the installer at this link is incorrect.


I'll download the ESET log collector and provide that info to you directly.

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