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Eset Smart security has:

A very good two way monitoring capable firewall that includes an intrusion detection system. The firewall also includes botnet protection; I believe Eset SS is the only retail security product that does so.

A configurable HIPS that includes exploit and advanced memory protection.

A network based web filter that allows for scanning of incoming Internet traffic prior to being loaded onto the HDD.

From ver. 9 on, bank mode protection that locks down the browser and encrypts keystrokes.

Relating to the ant-virus protection, Eset is one of the most responsive in developing specific signatures for 0-day and new malware threats. It also employs behavior and machine learning methods to develop "DNA" signatures capable of detecting 0-day and new malware threats by executable characteristics. Using its LiveGrid reputation cloud and local based blacklist technology, it can block 0-day and new malware threats in a short time period upon in the wild discovery until actual malware signatures can be developed.

Unlike the major of security vendors, Eset supports prior software releases for an extended period of time.


New releases are buggy and problematic. Eset needs improvement in that area.

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