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Infected? Strange user.

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When checking file proprieties, security tab, I see a strange username...


I don't know who it is, since this computer is only used by me. In the past years I never got infected, also, after this finding I made a in-depth scan using ESET (it's the product I run on my systems for years) and then, I scanned the system using Malwarebytes & Emsisoft Emergency Kit. Nothing Found.


More info: This user only appears when checking the security proprieties of files inside any of my discs (C/D/F). But it doesn't appear on files located on Desktop.

I don't know what to think, any tips?


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No answers after so many time?


I discovered that this was created by ESET when enabling anti theft some months ago. I want to know how can I delete this account from every file permissions, since I removed it from windows but it keeps associated to all of my files.

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