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ESET Mail Security with greylisting on - my Exchange transaction logs are out of control

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Using EMSX v 6.3.10007.0 with Greylisting enabled with Exchange 2010 SP3 (SBS2011). Enabling Greylisting has cut down our spam by a massive amount.


However, my Exchange server's transaction logs are now out of control and consuming disk space to the point where my mailstore disk is full and external email is no longer delivered. I'm now having to truncate the logs three of four times a day to ensure that mail flow isn't affected.


The issue is definitely all down to the Greylisting - if it's disabled the logs stay more or less at a constant size, all nicely behaving.


Is there anything that can be configured in EMSX to reduce the size and amount of transaction log files?


I'm loathed to remove the Greylisting as it's doing a great job with our spam, but if that's what's needed, then so be it.




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