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Battle.net Launcher and Steam

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I received the program update 9 for nod32 antivirus on my laptop but not my desktop(dunno why desktop updates its definitions fine). On my laptop is where the main problem lies, nod32 rocognizes hxxp://iir.blizzard.com:3724/submit/BNET_APP as an html/scrinject.B trojan, which a trojan it is not, but an html/scrinject sure i can see. This happens everytime the battle.net launcher is opened or running. while running the launcher continuously tries again and nod32 continues to block it even if i add an exception for the launcher and the url above. other than the exceptions ive tried reinstalls of not only nod32 but my blizzard stuff to (diablo 3 world of warcraft heroes of the storm) cleared cache on both all of my browsers ( IE, EDGE, FIREFOX) cleared my system cache did a full restart (windows 10 here it doesnt clear temp files on shutdown). The only resolution ive found, that i find to be unacceptable, is disable nod32 completely while using one of the above programs.


Next with Steam. Nod32 blocks any communication involving the store. Sure i can open it login and play games, but i get frequent pop ups while steam is open. I was able to fix this by adding an exception for the Steam application not the url. Once again i find this unacceptable. It works on my desktop still running nod32 8. What changed? Ive been an eset customer since I was 16 when i found eset to be less  tasking and more reliable to systems Im 29 now and not looking to change it up, any help would be greatly appreciated. Im a network man by trade and just hoping i missed something stupid.




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please download and run ESET Log Collector as per the instructions at hxxp://support.eset.sk/kb3466/. Also select "Recently quarantined files" and collect logs. When done, submit the output to samples[at]eset.com along with a brief description.

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