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New to ESET - Question about licensing


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I'm a new admin at my company and a past data company installed/set up ESET Antivirus for company. In the ESET Remote Administrator Console it shows  Number of clients: 14 (0 left) and that our license is up for renewal 4/2/2016.


We are currently using an old Win 2003 server that will be upgraded hopefully in the next couple months. So, at this time we are using ESET remote Administrator v and looks like most of the clients are at v 5.0.2337. So wondering how up to date or out of date this is? Keeping in mind we need to still run this on the old Win 2003 server for now until we upgrade to Windows Server 2012R2. So will this current version even run on Win 2012R2 or does it have to be upgraded on the server and the clients as well? If it does have to be upgraded on the server, hopefully the clients don't have to be updated immediately to continue to work?


Thank you.

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I'd suggest upgrading ERA to the latest version 5.3.33 at least due to the updater module which has all known bugs fixed. As for ERA and Endpoint version 6, I'd wait with upgrade a bit or at least I wouldn't install EFSW v6 on Windows Server 2003 yet. There's a an issue under investigation when the system FltMgr gives incorrect information to our driver which causes in a deadlock. As a result, file operations with files in shares may take dozens of seconds to complete.


Regardless of which version you use, we strongly recommend enabling LiveGrid to shorten the response to new threats from hours to minutes. LiveGrid also improves performance as whitelisted files are omitted from scanning. With LiveGrid enabled, you can also enable Advanced heuristics on file execution for maximum protection.

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