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Tip if your Mac stops recognizing your backup disk

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Just a head up from a problem I ran into. When installing a USB Passport drive for the Mac, Finder didn't list it and Disk Utility did see it and was able to format it but then showed 100% full. Apple support helped turn my attention to ESET, and I found one of the upgrades by default enabled "removable media blocking," which prevented me from using the Passport drive or any other. Turning that setting off solved the problem.

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Interesting that Removable Media Blocking was enabled by default for you after upgrading, it is usually turned off by default. But yes, always good to double check what's turned on every once in a while, especially after an upgrade. Same goes for OS X upgrades as well, sometimes things we turned off get turned back on again (eg. iCloud Drive apps, Game Centre, etc.)

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