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We thought we'd try this instead of Avast for one of our clients.  I've never dealt with ESET other than the server AV I prefer for my terminal servers.


I can't get the remote administrator of a brand new, clean install of the most current V6 admin package to push out to clients, despite what appear to be correct firewall settings, full admin access to the shares, remote admin enabled, etc...  I can push the install from Avast to these PC's but not from ESET.

I keep seeing posts in the last few months where some ESET moderator says "Do it via GPO as that's the recommended method" yet in the documentation at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3595/it doesn't say GPO is the recommended method, but the remote install is.  And it has nothing for documentation on doing it via GPO.

From what little I've seen about issues on the site, lots of people are staying with V5.  Will my V6 server and client licenses let me activate a V5 install?  I've had nothing but problems so far with V6, even just getting it to install without an error has been a pain.  From the way things sound, I think I'd be better off with V5, since I doubt we can get a refund and just renew the Avast software even though nothing has ever installed yet for ESET.


Thanks for any info or suggestions.




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