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Dynamic group expression

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I'm trying to do some things with dynamic group but I'm afraid I missed something. Two issues, the solution is similar but I'm afraid it's nor possible in the current ERA version.


1. group with Windows Client OS - without Windows Servers or any other Servers.I guess I need expression with two rules:

  • OS name contains Windows
  • OS name (not contains) Server

But not contains is not an option. So I created group of Windows PC and inside this group I make another two for Windows Servers and Windows Clients. But how to do it without inheriting?  


2. in the same way I would like to create group with PC without NOD Endpoint or outdated NOD endpoint because in both cases I want to run client task to install new version of NOD Endpoint. Only way is to create two groups? One for "No NOD" and second for "Outdated NOD"? These two groups in the two groups from the previous point... This will end with huge amount of groups. I hope I missed some sollution but after reading manuals and help pages I'm not close to better solution.


Thank you for any advics.


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