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upgrading from ERA 5 to 6


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so I am in the process of vetting version 6, mostly because when we reach out to ESET support they wont fix problems if we are still on 5.


My biggest question is this.  I have between 200-300 workstations and 50 servers in our environment (roughly) When I upgrade the server and admin to 6, how does push install/upgrade work?  I know i have to redeploy the agent, but am I expected to remove all of the v5 clients by hand?  There has to be an effective what to upgrade an enterprise level configuration without decades of hands on work.



Any thoughts?

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The upgrade should be seamless - first you'll deploy agent (e.g. by pushing Live Agent installer via GPO) and then you'll create a software install task via ERA. Once the task has been received by agent, it will download and install a new version of ESET over the older one while preserving all settings. Of course, we recommend testing the upgrade in a test environment as ERA v6 was built from scratch and is completely different than the previous versions of ERA. Should you need further assistance, feel free to ask in our forum or contact your local Customer care.

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