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Blocking FB certificate

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Hello all, ive had eset for the last 4 years never had a problem till 2 days ago, i have smart security 6, i use morzilla firfox. Clicked on my FB icon as i have done many times except now i get an error message saying 'Untrusted certificate'. After exhcharging many messages on the morzilla forum ive narrowed it down to eset, eset says that it cant authicate the FB certificate as it has expired and cannot trust the link. Ive worked out if go to advanced settings, deselect the HTTPS it works fine.


So why would eset suddenly decide that it wont except FB certificate ? Becuase it geniunely has run out if that is possible ? Or is there a suspect hacking my link so to speak ?


I have attached a screenshot of relavent info.




Hope someome can help me.



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Usually the certificate should be accepted automatically, because ES ads it's own root certificate into the certification store of Firefox.

So just to be sure that we can exclude this cause: You can access other SSL sites without problems?


I think I found the issue: The SSL certificate ESS uses for scanning the connection is expired. In your screenshots it states it's expired on 13/04/2015. This was 3 days ago, so this may be the reason why it happened such surprisingly.

I don't know how ESS creates these certificates, but I thought they were created on-the-fly so this shouldn't happen.


However it seems you're using a old version of ESS, so I would recommend upgrading to the newest available version. Maybe this even solves the issue - and of course you can enjoy all the new protection layers.


If not then you can deactivate SSL scanning, apply the settings and activate SSL scanning again, so that a new root certificate will be created if this should be expired.

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