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Renewal Headaches and "Support" Unavailability


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I am a long-term user of NOD32.  I first used it because it was the only serious AV that would work on 64-bit Windows XP.  I have generally been pleased.


Until I argued for two licenses (one for me, a second one for a colleague who had used Microsoft).  We had a terrible virus outbreak--which NOD32 caught--and I thought that saving a tiny bit of money was worth it if another outbreak would be prevented.  What should happen?  Well, for some reason my new version, which seemed to install over the older version without problems, wouldn't acknowledge that my expiration date was extended.  I rebooted.  I clicked the update buttons and retried to licensing (the feedback I got from the program indicated that the licensing worked fine).  Finally, it seemed at random, the license "took."


My colleague, alas, was not so lucky.


It was impossible to contact Eset about this.  One was put on hold and regularly reminded to leave a message for a callback.  Finally I did--hours ago.  Then I obtained another phone number that linked to a real person.  She told me she would send the issue directly to a manager for a callback.  That was about an hour ago.


This is the sort of "service" that, I'm afraid, will doom Eset to a minor role in the AV business.  The quality of the product has always been high.  But the customer service!?  I was planning to urge my division head to consider a systematic switch to NOD32 from the "free" Microsoft product.  Now I think Eset is simply not up to the task.   Have others here had this kind of "service" problem?

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  • Former ESET Employees

Hello um_user,

As we understand it, this issue was taken care of directly by a member of our Sales management team, is this correct? We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to you but rest assured that we hear your frustration and have communicated your experience with the relevant groups in order to improve the customer experience. It appears that you received a call back from management shortly after you posted here on the forums. Would you say the issue is resolved at this point? Please let us know.

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