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google redirect virus

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Guest Jim Cherry

Lately, it seems that just after I downloaded IE 10, I am constantly redirected to advertising sites.  On a search I found a reference to Google Redirect Virus.  It seems very similar to what is happening to my computer.  I have had Eset Nod 32 for years and never had any trouble.  Is there a way to clear my computer of this?



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I would recommend opening C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\Hosts file and deleting any line such as google.com. What browser are you running? Did this malware change your Start page on browser? Did it add any search unwanted search or tab? Try checking this registry for IE HKCu\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Start Page. Removing tabs and unwanted search is different for different types of browsers. You can Google that. I will tell you how for IE8 - click Tools and then Manage Add-ons and set some other search like default and then delete the unwanted.

I had this on my Opera browser and I found how to remove it on Google. If this doesen't work the malware may infected .ini files in browser install directory. I didn't personally see this and I would recommend reinstalling. Hope I helped a bit.

Sorry to ESET staff if I interfered.

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Guest jason

Hi , I used this software last week and it worked wonder for me , i think u shud use it too

here is the link to software


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Good Afternoon Jim Cherry,


I would advise using malwarebytes to remove the infection the software is freely available online however you may or may not be able to get to download the software from your infected machine due to thye redirects on google, I would advise downloading the software to a usb drive and then transferring the installer, once installed this should allow you to scan the machine and remove the infection ,





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