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Token not found - ACT.9 whe try to activate via era

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Hi everybody

for a production plant located outside our main country , i have recenly deployed new hardware and whatsoever for managing it. In out HQ we already have an Era as virtual appliance and different policies for varios scenarios (branch offices, standalone workstation...)  using or not bridge for updates or agent communication: everything running smoothly.

In this new production plant, the only one located outside our country, i've installed bridge on a windows vm for agent communication and cache updates with era server, and initially i've manually deployed AIO agent+ server security installer for a bunch of servers in this new location: they showing up in era console after a bit but nobody was activated. The indicated error was "Token not found -  ACT.9" I've checked everything in my knowledge, also disabling bridge whitout any policy or optional configuration and reinstall eset from scratch but nope, no way to activate. If i put manually the license, puf, activated in a flash (this, for various pc/workstation that will be merged in near future is not an option) I've already open a ticket to support but i'm still waiting a reply.

I hope to find soon a solution from a way or another


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