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Mail Security Installation- Endpoint AV & Outlook

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We are getting ready to install ESET Mail Security on a Windows 2012 Server that is running Exchange 2013 (SP1-CU6) with both roles and we have read through the installation guide but may have missed something. This will replace the File Security product that is currently installed there as we understand it. The Remote Administrator (version5.x) is already installed on a member 2008 server. We have Endpoint AV (version 5.x) already installed on the clients.




1. As we understand it, the Mail Security product is only installed on the Exchange Server and not the client PCs that already have ESET EP AV?  It's just the mail boxes that MS is protecting, not the OS of the clients like on the server---right?


2. We have a lot of spam. Depending on the Outlook 2010/2013 junk mail settings (different for each user I think), some spam does go to this folder or the "Infected" folder. Do we adjust any settings in Outlook or does ESET have precedence based on its settings or do they work together --what is the ideal setup with Outlook involved?


3. If Endpoint AV remains on clients, are there any settings that get adjusted --or policies to tweak in RA?




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Hello sos4eset,


Thank you for your interest in Mail Security.  I will address your questions in order below:



1.  Yes, you are correct.  ESET is installed on the Exchange server and hooks into your Hub Transport agent.  It scans emails as they come into exchange, stamps it with it's spam score(and takes the assigned action to it) then delivers the email to exchange which delivers it to the mailbox.  Mail Security is Antivirus for the host exchange server and antivirus/antispam scanning on the incoming email messages.


2.  The ideal setup is to turn off content filtering on Exchange and then let ESET handle the spam scoring for your email messages.  ESET Mail Security essentially scans the emails and then delivers them to Exchange.  It never touches the Outlook clients or any settings there so that would have to be managed by the Administrator according to company needs.


3.  No settings are touched at all for anything on the client side. Once Mail Security scans the mail, it takes it's action on the email(either stamp with score and send or reject) and then delivers the mail to exchange and it's job is done.  Mail Security does not affect anything on the client level in regards to Antivirus or settings.


Thank you for choosing ESET,



ESET North America

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