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No longer scanning downloads / download folders

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As of a week ago approximately it had stopped scanning the download folders and items I added/downloaded to those folders.. The activity log just suddenly stopped showing scans of downloads. I uninstalled and reinstalled in the hopes this would remedy the problem, and I even downloaded APK files to see if such a potentially harmful file would be scanned Since - it did not.


Here you can see the install, scan, and then the properties  of download that it failed to scan. 

Screenshot_20230610-153106_ESET Mobile Security.jpg

Screenshot_20230610-153044_File Manager +.jpg

 Before I get accused of not turning on the access or privileges or settings, please know those are all turned on and here's a screenshot or two to make sure that this is known to those replying to this topic. Unfortunately I do not have a screenshot of the logs from before I uninstall the application, had I those you could see that it's not scanning. But I did take a screenshot from just now after reinstalling and downloading multiple files from the brave browser and Firefox browser, and no scans were performed. I am on DC power and I am plugged in.

Screenshot_20230610-152629_ESET Mobile Security.jpg



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Please open a support ticket using the built-in form and let logs to be submtted to ESET for perusal.

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While thats a not a bad idea, I was hoping someone had a fix. I just verified this is the problem:

ESET for Android will not scan downloads / download folders when the browsers are set to download to external (SD Card).

When I changed this and my other browser to use local storage for the Download folder, the App scanned the files without issue - see below where I downloaded from the URL in the address bar while still on this page...

Screenshot_20230610-154600_Brave - Nightly.jpg


Now that we know the issue,  is there a permission or setting I can change that will cause the Application to start scanning thr external storage Download folder again?

The log file will not show the developers anything, though I'll enable the option for ya. And I will submit a ticket.

But I would much prefer a fix, if possible please.

NOTE: This started after an ESET app update installed on May 26th or 27th

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