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License changed by Customer by itself

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The Past 2 Weeks I saw a Problem with ESET Licensing, somehow it changed from allone by 3 Customers.

Customer has License : 3AA-CFJ-KUP on the MSP portal, had all 20 Units active, 20/20.. Today i saw it was 03/20 Active, and at the Customers Clients a Msg, that ESET can not Update the Signature. then I saw at Clients ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Filesecurity an another License, unknown to me: 3AA-MJK-DKP

I pushed a new Activation from the ESET Protect, after that the Clients License changed back to the correct 3AA-CFJ-KUP, and ESET can Update the Signature again. 

Why did that happen ? I did not Update the ESET Protect Server, version 10.0.2133.0,  also not Updatet the Clients Software.  Filesecurity ist version  7.3.12002.0 and Clients are all version ESET Endpoint Antivirus 10.0.2045.0


Best Regards, Zdenko Rendic

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This is related to products' EOL and the end of sale of particular product bundles. On April 25 the quantity on this license was changed from 3 to 20. Please contact your ESET distributor for more information.

3AA-MJK-DKP was user's license for 17 machines, it was merged with 3AA-CFJ-KUP.

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