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Antivirus for Windows 7


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שלום יש לי ויינדוס 7 אני חייב אותו בגלל תוכנה שלא עובדת לי בתוכנות החדשות ואני רוצה להשים אנטי וירוס וכל ההתקנות שלכם לא נותנות את הגירסה אשמח לעזרה


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I have Windows 7, I need it because of a software that doesn't work for me in the new programs and I want to put an antivirus and all your installations do not give the version, I would appreciate your help

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ESET products can be installed on Windows 7 SP1 with SHA-2 code signing support. Please refer to https://help.eset.com/essp/16/en-US/?outdated_os.html

Note that Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. ESET products v16.0 are the last that support Windows 7, v16.1 and future versions will require Windows 10 and newer.

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