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Remove orange border around browser

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Guest Adrien


Eset has added a framing around browsers to indicate if the network is secure or not. While I found the way to disable the green frame in the settings, I cannot disable the orange (warning) on. I am often on my residence shared WIFI that Eset doesn't like but I don't care about it and want to disable that frame. I still want the browser protection though.

Do you have any solution ? That feature is annoying !


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Guest Adrien

Thank you for the feedback

Eset could have just set up a notification on connection to unsafe networks, so we could switch network or ignore the warning. Now I have to disable my whole antivirus (which is not safe at all) just so I can enjoy content as I should do.

I wish a future update will remove this border or I will no longer pay for this software anymore.

Thank you for your understanding. I don't think I am the only customer concerned about this when I look all the threads everywhere about this feature.

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You can disable Banking and payment protection and keep all other protection modules enabled instead of disabling other protections together.

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