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Downgrade ESET server version

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In our network we have many virtual servers on VMware.  It happened, that we upgraded/updated eset server to ESET PROTECT Server to  Version 10.0 (10.0.1128.0). Most of user endpoints have a version 10.0.2034.0. But a problem is, that from version 9.0 ESET doesn't support VAH. So we decided to downgrade ESET server to  8.1. version

A main question for me are :
1) does
 sever version 8.1 will work with endpoints 10.0 version?
2) A downgrade will be like as:
    1.1) a version 10.0 uninstallation
    1.2) a version 8.1 installation
Am I right?

Thank for an answer


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1, Yes, ESET PROTECT 8.1 should work with Endpoint 10 although there may be some limitations, e.g. it may not be possible to create some reports.

2, Correct. Uninstall EPv10 and install EPv8.1. Make sure to back up the CA and peer certificates.

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