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license sharing not working as advertised


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I have a multi-device license.

Portion of shared license that works:

On the portal, I select to share that license and select 1 device to share. I enter the email address I want to share the 1 device and select to share. The confirmation popup is displayed that I shared 1 device. The email receives the invite and has the option to accept or decline. They accept the share option and login to their account (they have a different license already, so they should now have 2 licenses available - one that I shared with 1 device allowed). My multi-device license shows up as available to them. 

Portion of shared license that is not working as advertised:

Once this person has this license available to them, they are able to see all license details, add unlimited devices, remove devices, and delete the license entirely, end subscription, change payment method, etc. 

Account permissions status:

My license details still show them as being a shared license that is active, but devices they add do not show up as their email address. My account is not logged in anywhere on their computer, not in ESET Home, not in any stored information. I have never used their computer at all and they do not have my account information.

I have no means to customize their account access permissions so that they can add devices but not edit license. They are not being limited to the specified number of devices. They can view my payment information, change the payment method, upgrade my license without my permission, increase my device number, and manage everything about that license. I still own the license and can do the same things, both email addresses can do the actions. Confirmation of any actions taken are sent to my email address only. 

This is not how the license sharing is advertised to function, is not how I would expect it to work, and is not a thing I want now that I know how it works. 

I have tried this twice over the last 2 years and both times this has been the result. Something either is not working correctly (why I'm posting here) or the feature is just a really bad idea. 

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