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Intuit Login Issues - 2FA - Medum Security Risk


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I am looking for any help with what I am being told is a security issue.  I do not know what or where it is.  

We use Intuit products (Lacerte Tax and QuickBooks).  About a week ago Lacerte began requiring 2FA for all users on our network EVERY time they login.  We do not have this configured.  We thought it was Lacerte related, but see this across all the Intuit on line products.  If I login from my home LAN I do not have this issue.

They indicate that this has to do with their systems seeing our client as a medium security risk (or similar).  As stand alone workstations and users running on our RDS server both have the issue, I am skeptical that it is a server problem.

I am wondering if it may be something in our security configuration, as this would impact all clients equally.   ESET is a common thread across all the impacted devices.

Does anyone have any thoughts or seeing similar behavior?

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