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  1. OK, This is much more like what I want. Two more questions please 1 - If I exclude a folder as I Performance Exclusion am I being redundant by excluding a file in the path as a Process exclusion? 2 - As I apparently can export the Performance exclusions as a file and apply to other users (Excellent!) is the %appdata% a valid expression. The tool accepted the string, but not sure how to test it actually works. Thank you Marcos
  2. Unfortunately "Process Exclusions" are not truly robust enough. I am trying to exclude an index file for my Tax application with an extension of P9 (OPINDEX.P9) and I can not. (File vs a Processs I guess) It appears that we can do path exclusion on our Windows Server with the ESET File Security product. From the manual, it's unclear if I can do this with ESET Endpoint Security. Please consider including path exclusion in a future update.
  3. Apparently I was on v 7.0.2091.0 which did not include the option. Now on the newest version which contains the feature I am looking for. Apparently this does not support the use of wild cards, which would make things easier. EG: C;\Lacerte\*.* but hopefully this will do what I need. Thank you! I need to test but think I am good.
  4. We are using the Lacerte Tax programs by Intuit and appear to be having issues with ESET Endpoint Antivirus locking Lacerte files. Intuit recommends a list of files and folders to exclude from scanning, but I am unable to find a way to configure scanning exceptions other than a file type (extension). Does this product support exceptions and f so how do I configure them?
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