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Security vulnerability exploitation - Action "detected" vs "blocked"

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I have a lot of servers reporting  "Security vulnerability exploitation attempt".

For most of them, action is blocked and threat marked as resolved.
Some, however, just have been "detected" and are neither resolved nor handled by product:



I found a similar topic from two years ago: https://forum.eset.com/topic/21933-security-vulnerability-exploitation/

There it was said that detected means blocked but wording might change:



So my question now would be: did the wording change already (blocked means blocked, detected means detected and not blocked) and the threat has indeed not been handled? If not, why do i get some "detected" and others "blocked" ?

Thanks, Simon.


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Is the action "Detected" also logged in the client's logs? As far as I can see, "Blocked" should be logged, however, at the moment I can't test what appears in the ESET PROTECT console.


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