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Protect Cloud reflecting endpoint scan status

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Guest Thomas V

Good day,

I have recently onboarded our users using Protect Cloud (management side) and Endpoint Security (client side).

My understanding is that when the client is installed a full scan is run. Looking on the Protect Cloud side most of my clients show that the 'Last Scan Time' is 'n/a'. For clients that I triggered a scan manually from Protect Cloud the 'Last Scan Time' displays as expected.

Why do I not see the last scan time for most of my clients? Am I expected to trigger a manual scan myself for them? Or is this the expected behavior?

Thanks in advance.


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My understanding is that "Last scan time" shows the time of the last on-demand scan. After installation, it's an initial scan that is run. Likewise if you enable Idle-state scanning which runs when the screen is locked or when the screen saver activates (depends on how you set it up), it shouldn't update the last scan time.

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