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Resetting My 2FA

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I'm replacing my cell phone and I want to tranfert "Eset Secure Authentication" app from my old to my new one.

So I need to reset my 2FA settings in my ESET Cloud Account, ie getting a new QR code do add it in the app on the new phone.

How can i do that ?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello @Alain GUERIN,

transfer tokens from one ESA app to another is unfortunately not supported, however, we have this on ESET Secure Authentication radar.

You can solve this by 2FA re-enrollment:

  1.  Sign in to license management system where you activated 2FA (ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator) by using ESA on your old phone
  2. Go to Profile and deactivate 2FA
  3. Just for sure sing out from licensing system and sing in again (2FA should be not required anymore)
  4. Install ESA (or any other 2FA app supporting TOTP) on your new phone
  5. Sign in to ESET licensing system again
  6. Activate 2FA in your Profile and sync it with new app on your new phone

If you are not ESET Cloud Account owner and you are forced to have 2FA enabled, please contact your ESET Cloud Account owner to allow you to deactivate 2FA for re-enrollment.


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