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Web Control not blocking website or categories.


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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use the Web Control to block website Categories.

I suspect it got something to do with the user list.

On this page https://help.eset.com/ees/8/en-US/idh_config_parental_rule_edit_dlg.html it states 

When no user is entered the rule is applied for all users.

This does not seem to block anything

here is the rule


And here is the policy


Many thanks

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Can the client communicate via UDP on port 53535 with ESET's servers?

If you are unsure:
- enable advanced Web control logging in the advanced setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics
- reproduce the issue
- disable logging
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.

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Thanks that solved the problem Opening port UDP/53535 on firewall

I can see the logs on the PC, Will it be possible to get those logs to the ESMC  for all the denies?

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You can configure the desired Web Control rules with Warning severity so that they are reported to ESET PROTECT. If you want to find out on which machines host resolution fails, create a rule for the Not resolved category and set the Warning severity. In ESET PROTECT you can create then a report for Web Control:


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