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Beware before updating your ESET to new version!!!

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Hey dear ESET fellows, today I got into very hard situation where I updated my ESET Smart security Premium to 2021 version, after a while I found out that there is new Password manager v3, firstly I got really happy to have new version but it all started to go down in just a minute, it forced me to change my master password, so i was like ok, whatever, i will remember new one, but when i logged in into the new version I saw that I lost all my passwords, data, profile just everything went away. Trying to get my old passwords was just a loads of failed attempts and I was really scared what now with all the random generated passwords, luckily the first thing I noticed that all my data is still on my iOS Password manager which is luckily not yet updated to the v3 version, but I found out that it is not possible to export passwords from the mobile app in any way... Luckily I had older version of ESET on my laptop so I charged it, turned it on and luckily the ESET app was not yet updated so I exported my passwords, uploaded them to my onedrive and imported them into the new v3 version, sadly the new v3 is only in browser so dont expect any windows 10 app... ESET HQ please give everyone attention before updating to the 2021 version so the people wont lost all the access to their accounts. 

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We recommend opening a ticket with your local ESET support to troubleshoot the issue. Migration / upgrade from v13 to v14 has been thoroughly tested and no issues with migration of the password store were found nor reported by other users.

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Asking for new master password indicates that new password store was set up. Please verify whether password store e-mail address used with the old v2 PWM visible in ESSP GUI-Setup-Security Tools is the same as used when configuring new v3 plugin.

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Yeah, the email is same :) The change of master password is also indicated on the eset support page https://help.eset.com/password_manager/3/sk-SK/?registration.html over here, after I changed the master password there were no password from the previous version, and now I am in the trouble of that my iOS app is not in the sync with the new v3 version and I did not get the recovery key if my master password is lost 😕 

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